About us

The Wellness Practice by CHM is leading the way in holistic health and wellness across the nation

We’re here to help you, at every step of your wellness journey

We’ve been empowering healthy lifestyles for over 25 years, and we’ve cultivated a culture of care that’s not just about staying healthy; it’s about thriving.

The Wellness Practice is launching brand-new and purpose-built allied health and holistic wellness centres, providing services to educate and empower local communities to make positive long-lasting improvements in their health and wellbeing. We’re opening in health precincts around Australia, providing an easily accessible holistic health and wellness experience under one roof.

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Holistic approach

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Improving lives

Our purpose

We’re empowering healthy lifestyles through exceptional health and wellness services, education, innovation, and support for individuals, communities, and organisations.

Our values

Values of care and empowerment guide us. We foster trust through empathy and provide clear, accessible information, empowering patients to make informed health choices.

Our approach

Proactive and holistic, we emphasise preventive measures and address physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing, acknowledging their interconnected influence.

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